***NEW*** Dowsing, A Life Skill Full Course Includes Beginner Course, Locating a Vein of Water, and Diverting a Vein of Water

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This course by Jody Maas, with more than 40 years experience with dowsing, provides you with the the information from the beginner course and the locating a vein of water course. Jody instructs you in this advanced course on how to divert a vein of water.

-seven levels of dowsing

-how dowsing works

-programming your L rods

-turning the rods on and off

-how to be aware of the rod sensitivity

-proper hand positioning and holding technique of the rods

-materials for L rods

-find a vein of water

-determine a vein's direction of flow and it's depth

-determine the gallons per hour produced by a vein of water

-divert a vein of water

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