Arcturian Crystal Energy Wand

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When I create a device such as this, I am connected to high vibrational energies. The creating process is done over a period of time. Materials and the design are not decided ahead of time. I receive information and then am guided through the creation process.

The body of this wand is made from Sumac into which I carved a spiral. I used Tung oil and a wax containing carnauba to help protect the wood. The quartz crystal point, Herkimer diamond, brass, copper and stainless steel were added in stages.

Stainless steel-protects agains negative energy
Brass-helps maintain a positive attitude
Copper-conducts energy and helps clear negativity
Herkimer Diamond-helps amplify stones and energy
Quartz-assists in healing and spiritual growth; this quartz is special because it has a diamond window which is an extra facet, assisting you to gain knowledge about yourself from your higher self
Sumac-tactfulness, bravery, fairness
Weight: 74g
Size: 22cm long, 1.5-2cm handle width varies, 13cm width at widest part of the 'V'

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