Arcturian Energy Enhancer Orgonite Device

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The creation process involves taking a thought, idea or inspiration from a high vibration and slowing it down. As we gradually put the pieces together, creating what we see in our mind's eye, the vibration slows even more until the creation process is complete.

Creating this device involved working with: copper, brass, wood, granite, quartz and resin. There is a special Colombian Lemurian Quartz crystal featured at the top. The combination of quartz, metal and resin by definition makes this an orgonite device. I maintained a clear picture in my mind of the finished device while working with these materials. The thoughts and energy of the creator are 75% of the creation process and are of utmost importance. I call this process 'Mind, Energy, Alchemy'. My intention was to create a device to harmonize and enhance energies.
The Arcturian Energy Enhancer can be placed on a desk, table, nightstand or moved around to other locations. It can also be used as a focal point for your meditation or used to enhance the energy of your spiritual practice.
You will receive a piece very similar to the one showcased.

Weight: 37.5g
Size: 11.5cm highX4cm wideX4cm deep(4.6inchesX1.6inchesX1.6inches)
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