Colombian Lemurian Quartz Energy Enhancer

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Three stunning Colombian Lemurian quartz points secured by resin and copper tubing on a black locust wooden base. The black locust wooden base is handmade by the artist including sourcing the wood from nature, slicing and finishing. Colombian Lemurian Quartz is one of the finest quartz in the world for its optical clarity, defined striations and beautiful lustre.
Metaphysically, Lemurian Quartz has all of the attributes of clear quartz plus enhancing visionary experiences, expanding consciousness, activating brain capacities, enhancing crystalline coherence and linking to Lemuria. Copper enhances the energy of the quartz crystals.
Black locust, metaphysically, is known for its strength and endurance. It is a healing wood while protecting from unwanted energies.
Size: 9cm wide by 9cm deep by 10.5cm high(3.6inchesX3.6inchesX4.2inches)
Total Weight: 363.1g
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