Galactic Shaman Wand with Healing Stones

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This black locust wood was sourced out(found) by the artist. The wood was then carved and shaped by hand and hand sanded. It was treated with a light finish of tung oil to protect the wood. The brass tube was inserted into the wood and a copper coil was attached to the top of the brass tube. In the end of the tube is a Colombian quartz crystal point. One carnelian and one mookaite semi precious gemstone were secured to the shaft of the wand.
Metaphysically, black locust is known for its strength and endurance. It is a healing wood while protecting from unwanted energies. Carnelian and Mookaite are both stones for physical vitality and in particular to assist the sexual organs, working on the lower chakras.
Size: 31cm longX 2.3cm wideX 2cm deep(12.4inchesX0.92inchesX0.8inches)
Weight: 37.5g
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