Quartz and Granite Large Round Energy Enhancers Pack of 3

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The quartz and granite used in these enhancers was personally gathered from Northern Ontario, Canada. The minerals were bound together with resin, making them easier to be used. These enhancers can be placed in windows and doorways, on desks and around house plants. There are many applications. You will receive a piece similar to the one showcased.

Natural quartz is used to harmonize our environment and it is said to assist us on our spiritual journey. Natural granite has been referred to as the 'stone of protection'. Granite is also believed to help our health and energy.
You will receive one piece similar to the pictures.
Approximate Weight of each piece: 36g
Approximate Size of each piece: 4cm longX4cm wideX1.9cm thick(1.6inchesX1.6inchesX0.76inches)
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