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Jody shares intimate details of his life experiences that have shaped him and his view of the world. He will take you through life challenges and epiphanies that he hopes the reader will feel familiar with and be able to relate to on some level.

Jody has been driven by a strong desire to understand the spiritual side of his existence. In this book, he shares details from his early years in which he tried to fit into the conventional system of life, to later years when he would be driven to design and build never before seen Arcturian crystal devices. He shares with you his journey of waking up, a journey of remembering. Through learning to listen to his intuitive voice, he was guided to experience crop circles, crystals, sweat lodges and he realized his Arcturian connection. He also shares simple exercises that will guide you to have similar experiences.

While writing this book, many have shared with Jody similar life experiences. Jody’s desire is that this book will provide a ‘wow’ moment, a time when you, the reader, will take a breath and know that you are not alone. Many are having spiritual awakenings and the time is now to listen, acknowledge and act. This book was created through the same energetic process as when Jody constructed the Arcturian crystal devices. You are reading this because there is something here for you. The Time is Now.

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