Jody Albert Maas

August Newsletter

Hello Everyone, 

I trust this newsletter finds you all well. First, I would like to let all of our friends who are local that we are open for business once again. On my website we have put up some workshops and services that I will be offering. We also sell a wonderful selection of high vibrational crystals. Catherine has the crystals in her online store at If you have any questions please let us know and we will do our best to assist you. We offer our services from our home at 6447 Regional Rd 25 Milton, Ontario, Canada. We are here most of the time. Presently, we do ask that you contact us first to set up a time for visit. 

As we move ahead, I will be offering in person workshops and events such as weekly meditations, sound energy gatherings and more. 

Beginning Tuesday Aug 3, 2021at 7pm  I will be hosting The Time Is Now-Spiritual on the social platform Clubhouse where you can come and listen, share about crystals, dowsing, Arcturians and more. This will be a weekly event Tuesdays at 7pm on Clubhouse. I have also started creating longer videos for my YouTube channel in order to serve you better. Please watch the videos and subscribe to my channel, your continued support is appreciated. Most of you know I am on many social platforms which sadly are proving unreliable. YouTube is where you will find my new content.

We are currently offering a promotion to the end of August 2021 on our dowsing workshop which is hosted on the Teachable platform: This is a very good course teaching you how to use dowsing rods and then apply to find veins of water and divert them. Veins of water carry energies, some good and some not so good. We must learn how to become competent in locating these veins of water.

My book ‘The Time Is Now’ continues to have global sales, selling in five countries. The Time Is Now is about my life and experiences from orbs, crop circles, dowsing, Arcturians and much more. I explain how to make rattles, create circles and how to use L-rods and pendulums. The Time is Now is a fantastic book to help you to understand yourself and to know you are not alone.

Thank you for your support,

Jody Albert Maas