March 27, 2022                                                     Arcturian

If you follow me on social media, you will see that there is an Arcturian theme to my content. My history with the Arcturians goes back to my birth into this life and reality. Honestly, my connection goes back before I even knew who the Arcturians were. I was born in 1959 which makes me 62 years of age at the time of this writing, not your average age for someone having information about the Arcturians. Back when I was young there were no cell phones, internet, or even computers like there are now. Words like ESP and telepathy were used but were not familiar to the average person; these where different times. Most of the information I will share with you is from my personal experiences. I’m not a ‘mainstream up on everything’ spiritual person. In these times where information is at your fingertips, many get lost in the great distraction which seems to have become our life. 


Ever since a very young age, I wondered about a series of freckles on my right leg between my knee and waist. I would wonder about these freckles which very clearly formed the constellation of the Big Dipper. As far as I knew, no one else had the Big Dipper on their leg. I asked my mom about it but she didn’t know. Eventually I just forgot about it until an occurrence in my thirties then Bam! it jumped right out at me. I found myself browsing new age books in a bookstore in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Looking up to the top shelf, there it was, the constellation of the Big Dipper on the cover of a book about Arcturians.

We have all had those WOW moments where something hits us in a swoosh of energy. Well, this was one of those times. At the top of the book was the Big Dipper and off it’s handle were two other stars, one being bigger and brighter than the other; this was Arcturus. Instantly I made the connection to the freckles on my leg, a very clear moment of understanding and realization, now to figure out how this connected to me. 

I absolutely had to purchase this book. This was one of those times where I just knew there was something here for me. Nothing happens by chance, learn to be receptive to these WOW moments. My belief is that higher vibrational energies like the Arcturians can connect to us through these special moments. Arcturians can’t directly interfere with us, we must make decisions  for ourselves. It’s part of the learning we must do on our own. They can, however, continually send and place information around us to receive. This is why self work, meditation and proper breathing, is so important. As we work on ourselves, our vibration changes and we become in line to receive what is around us. It’s really important to keep it simple, always the least complicated approach works. Often the simple things are overlooked. My mind was open to receiving and this is how I started to understand ‘simple’.

Arcturians put information and teachings everywhere using movies, radio, nature, the sky; virtually everywhere at different frequencies and vibrations. We all have different lives, thoughts and experiences which will determine what we are ready to receive and when. You begin to understand how complex this can all become which is difficult to put into words and many times they’re aren’t any. We are on our own walks in this life and we must really tune into our own experiences. Again, please be mindful of the Great Distraction everywhere. Have your own experiences and you will know the truth in your heart.

TKOA (The Key Of Ascension)

I had learned how to become aware of the information coming to me. Information was coming to me all the time and, if I didn’t respond to it, I would become very anxious and frustrated. At one such moment in my life I was getting pictures in my mind that I had to paint a symbol on a bedroom wall in my house. Not being a painter, this became very stressful for me. I didn’t understand how I would accomplish this, so I put it off for weeks. One day I just started drawing on the wall, had to, I wasn’t sleeping or eating at this point. A very intense week followed as the TKOA symbol came into its form on the wall. This process was very intense. I had to take a picture in my mind and slow its vibration down. It became so hot during this process that I had to wear only shorts. When I finished, my whole room was painted blue and on the wall was the TKOA symbol which was a four foot by four foot painted white. Overwhelmed by what had been created, I asked for understanding.

In simple understandable pictures and words, the Arcturian energies shared with me that the TKOA symbol incorporates three energies. These energies would be present in everything I would create moving forward including Arcturian crystal devices and guided visualization, however the information was shared. The one condition that was placed on me was when sharing the information it must be presented as such ‘Arcturian-Transmission from the group’.


I had begun this paragraph by typing ‘receiving Arcturian information’.  Quickly I was told to retitle it ‘receiving information’ as not everyone has an Arcturian connection and that’s ok. It’s not about titles and names, it’s about you becoming familiar with YOU. There is a great amount of information to be received from many sources, keep it simple. When I receive information I don’t have to do anything. I never have had to do anything. Information just comes to me and the process is simple. Firstly, I am made aware that my attention is needed, generally by a shift in my awareness followed by a flash of a picture. As I direct my attention to the picture, more detailed information comes. This is a simple explanation of the process for me. 

How do I enhance this process? Meditation. Start with a simple follow your breath meditation, simply focusing on and following your breath. Here is an example you can follow. If at any time you feel uncomfortable, just stop and breathe normally:

Make yourself comfortable and breathe in. Visualize your breath entering your lungs as you take a breath in. Next, exhale and visualize the air leaving your lungs and count one. Repeat this simple process counting up to twenty. If you lose count just start over. Maybe start with six cycles and work up to twenty. This simple breathing exercise can be done anywhere and it will quiet your mind. If you practice this, you will notice quiet times throughout your day where your mind is still. It is at these times when you will become aware of the information around you. You have just taken a big step. This is wonderful.


From an understanding of the star map on my leg then through the process of receiving and creating the Arcturian crystal devices, I realizeded that everything is a process, a journey. We must start by taking a first step. Once you take that step, more information comes. This is how I made my first device. I started with a feeling that I again put off until I was overwhelmed with anxiety. I should let you know I always put things off but I did eventually take the first step. Starting with some copper pipe and pieces of wire, more information came to me creating the Arcturian Auric Balancer. For me, I seemed to create crystal devices and then after I had spent time with them adjusting myself to their energies, I would begin to understand how to use them. 

It was shared with me that the Arcturian Auric Balancer was designed to work with healing energies. It has an internal light to enhance its energies. From my understanding of my star map to the present, every step I take strengthens my Arcturian connection and understanding. Here is where I must be clear. I don’t claim to be Arcturian, only to have a connection to the Arcturians and the Group. 

Arcturian-Transmission From The Group


March 21, 2022 The New Energies, Herbs and Plants

Two years ago just before things changed for us all I had noticed that a new plant had shown up in the yard. Not knowing much about wild plants I didn’t know what it was. I had expressed to Creator a willingness to learn about the herbs and their benefits to our health, but found all the information overwhelming. In response to my request, Creator provided a very simple answer “ just learn about three plants a year”, yes I think I could do that. Rather than try and learn about all the plants I would concentrate on three but which three? A teacher had shared with me that the plants that can help us with our health and energy will appear close to where we live. With this new plant just showing up I had decided to start with it.

There is so much information available to us these days. All we need to do is an internet search, which I preferred. My mystery plant was called Mullien and one of its benefits was that it helped with the lungs. Interesting that it showed up at the time when lung conditions were going to become a real concern. This plant over the last two years has really flourished in the yard, growing in patches around the property. Easy to harvest, I put an offering down in thanks to Creator and the Mullien plant for keeping us safe and then I remove some of the leaves. I only take a few off each plant so it can continue growing and reseeding itself. Once I have my leaves I dry them and store them in a box or brown paper bags. Through trial and error I have learned that plastic bags and jars can creat problems if the leaves are not dried properly.

I believe that other energies, Arcturian, Starpeople, Guides what ever name you want to give to them can influence plants and nature. So when more plants just started to show up I took it as a sign that they were being sent to me. Energies and information were  being incorporated in the plant while it was growing by these higher vibrational/dimensional energies, Energies and information that would assist me in my spiritual grown. With this realization, I started to understand the true scope involved in this process. To enhance this process even more I would wait until plants literally jumped out at me before I would harvest them.

Once a plant had my attention I would listen to my intuition aided by my pendulum and dowsing to determine how to best make use of the plant. Many times combinations of plants would be used to make incense. Keep in mind incense is used for its vibration not so much its smell. These blends I use in my Arcturian Star Lodge and the Arcturian Star Chamber to enhance the energies for various meditations and energy work.

For me it is a continual process. Things I would have overlooked last year I notice this year. As we change through working on ourselves, we become more in tune with everything around us. No beginning or end, stay outside the box and just flow. When it comes to nature and plants be silent and listen, meditation helps to hear and understand the information coming to us. Nature isn’t silent it has a lot to share.