Arcturian Trinity Pendant

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My experience with the pyramid was unexpected and very revealing. On a visit to eye up some crystal goodness and awesome rock carving I asked if I might indulge in a “sit in the chair”. I was obliged and welcomed to experience something I had no previous knowledge of. I sat for a brief, less than 5 minute stint and was bombarded with a surge of energy that was so inviting. The energy is obviously amplified by the triangle but it is also vibrant in it’s intensity and magnitude. I thank Jody and Catherine for their hospitality and the grand opportunity to experience this lovely work of art!

Marlene, Orangeville, Ontario


Since having received the SEF pendant almost 7 months ago, I have had positive energy experience since wearing it on my person.I am keenly aware of the shift, of the strengthening in my personal energy field.  With this pendant the physical experience is wonderful.  Not only can I feel it but enjoy the subtlety of energy is such that I only remove when I shower.  I highly encourage everyone to enjoy this creation of Jody’s. I say try it.  You will have a gentle continual flow of positive energy not experienced before
Kate, Pennsylvania