Dowsing Service

On-site  $150/hr and $75/hr travel time

Remote  $150/hr


Arcturian Ethereal Pyramid

Available by appointment for individual use:

$30/15 minutes

$60/30 minutes

*Other arrangements can be made


Remote Service Using Arcturian NP13 and Auric Balancer



Arcturian “Transmissions From the Group” Energy Sessions  

$90/hr or sessions may be arranged to experience remotely by Catherine or Jody


Sessions may include the following:


Sand Casting-The ability to reach out with your energies and draw energies, frequencies and vibrations back and hold them in the Sand.  Crystals, stone and wood along with other elements may be called and added to the Casting.  Casting is very old and is used for many situations.


TKOA Symbol-‘The Key of Ascension’ is a combination of three high vibrational energies.  TKOA assists in transmuting energies and frequencies to enhance and elevate.  TKOA is a visual representation of three energies which I refer to as the ‘Trinity’ energy.



Arcturian Ethereal Pyramid and other Pyramid Designs-About 30 years ago I started to receive information about making crystal power rods and pyramids.  The angles I use are steeper and I use only three sided pyramids.  The ‘three’ being very important and connects with the ‘Trinity’ energy.



Arcturian Crystal Power Rods-These are hand held crystal power rods which are designed to be carried around.  They are designed to enhance environmental and energy bodies on many levels.