Wednesday January 9, 2019

We are in a time of great transformation, many of us have experienced many ups and downs as our lives and the world around us appears to be getting faster and faster. We are moving into a time where most want things fast, very fast and they find any kind of delays very frustrating. Moving swiftly into this new way of living I fear most won’t even realize what is happening.  They are carried along swiftly like a leaf in a fast moving river oblivious of what is really happening. Stress levels are up higher than ever before as we struggle to pay for living accommodations, whether we rent or have a mortgage, most need some form of transportation that adds to the monthly budget.  On and on it goes.  There seems to never be enough money to provide the life style we believe we are entitled to. What I am sharing here is not new, just turn on the radio or TV.  Everyone is talking about the changes that are happening and the turmoil around the world. Our sense of family and our sense of community have changed dramatically in my life and I have asked myself why? What can I do? I don’t like these changes but what can I do? Do you have thoughts like these? I believe you do because something, some kind of events has brought you to the blog you are reading now.  There is no chance, everything happens for a reason.

WAKE UP that’s what we all can do if we want things to change, WAKE UP and WAKE UP right now this very moment. How you ask? Firstly, stop and take a breath.  All is well and you are not alone. Many of us have been caught up in this same situation and we have in us the ability to make the changes for a different life style. Stop and take a breath. Start by smiling every day and removing negativity from your life. Choose to be happy. You want to be happy and you will be happy. While you are smiling think about your life and what you have been doing. Think of ways to slow it down. Think of what is really important for you, what do you really need? I have done this and it has changed my life. Reflecting on my life and how I want to live is something my family and I do often. When I stop and just breathe and reflect, this process helps me stay outside the fast paced world that surrounds me. I am able to be separate with an ability to observe what is happening around me and I am able to make better choices and plan my life with awareness, not just being blindly caught up in the fast paced world.

Incorporate into your life when you can, but determine that you will make the time to stop and breathe, reflect. Step away and make time for you and the more you do this the more you will want to do this. What I am sharing I do and it works for me, simplicity and self-awareness is key. We have become detached from who we are. Let’s reconnect and make ourselves and the world around us better.

Jody Maas