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Dowsing Workshops

2022 Schedule

Next date TBD

This course is designed to provide you with a firm foundation in the art of dowsing. Once you develop an understanding of the fundamental techniques of dowsing, the sky is the limit! This workshop, ‘Dowsing, A Life Skill’ Level 1, will be a prerequisite for future dowsing courses. What I will share with you are the methods that work for me, although there are many different methods and approaches to dowsing which is what makes it wonderful. A well-grounded approach to dowsing has proven very effective when it is applied to energy work.

What will you learn? You will be instructed in the use of ‘L ‘Rods and Pendulums. We have a hands-on approach so I will explain then we apply and practice. The students are encouraged to ask questions and I limit the class size.  The workshop is also offered for private instruction.

Topics: pendulums, L rods, map dowsing, dowsing the body, charts, locating a stream of water, locating energies

The class is 7 hours long with a lunch break. You may bring a lunch or there are restaurants nearby. Because we keep the class small, we require payment no later than one week prior to the date.

This class will be conducted inside and outside no matter the weather so dress appropriately. Group and individual instruction available.

The Cost is $230 including hst. Paid registration must be received one week before the course date.

Jody Maas, Past President of the Canadian Society of Dowsers, will be the instructor. All practice tools will be provided.

Confirm your place by requesting registration at Payment may be made via etransfer or PayPal after your registration is accepted. *Registration must be no later than one week prior to the event.*

Guided Meditation

Guided visualization journey into the Arcturian frequencies

Next date TBD

Request registration at Payment may be made via etransfer or PayPal after your registration is accepted.

Fee: $30       Session: 3hrs      Space is limited.

What to bring:

Bring a blanket and cushion if you like. You may also bring some items to be charged in the energy. Please keep in mind the limited space. Bring a drum and rattle if you have one. There will be opportunities for everyone to join in.

What to expect:

The energies here on the property that we have created are very unique. We will begin promptly at 1pm with each of us providing an introduction about ourselves.

You will then be taken step by step through this experience, relax and enjoy.

We will finish with a visualization journey to send love and healing to our Earth, our communities and ourselves and families.

Arcturian Star Lodge Workshop

Fees $230

Pricing includes HST

A receipt will be provided when payment is received.

Duration of the workshop will be 3-5 hours.

Pricing includes light refreshments.

A waiver will be provided for you to sign.

What you to bring with you to attend

-keep in mind space is limited

-bring a towel or two and a change of clothing

-loose comfortable clothing, ie. shorts and T shirt are good. We use a wood stove as a heat source for this workshop, adding water to it creating steam so dress accordingly.

-no metal of any kind can be worn in the Arcturian Star Lodge

-plaster or glass water bottles are fine

-you may bring important items such as crystals etc. to charge in the energy.

-we use sound such as toning, drums, Tibetan bells to assist us. You can bring what you feel you would like.

What to expect

The Arcturian Star Lodge is a three-sided triangle which is about four feet in height. I received the messages to build it about a year and a half ago and it has been in use ever since. We have been using the Arcturian Star Lodge to send out healing energies to the Earth, our communities and our families. Arcturian messages and support are all around us but we must be open to listening. We teach through experiences and support.

Upon your arrival, we talk and get things ready. You will place your items in the Arcturian Star Lodge. If you have questions, now is the time to ask. I will do my best to answer based on the experience I have. We will then do some breathing and relaxing to help us reach the proper mindset. Our journey to the Arcturian Star lodge begins outside on the land at a stone which is very important. Once we pass the first stone there is no talking, stay focused on the energy work we are doing being mindful of everything around you in the silence. I will lead as you follow behind. We walk the energetic path which will take us into the Arcturian Star Lodge.

This path we walk will adjust our energies for what we will experience. This adjustment works on many energetic levels and must be respected through our mindfulness and silence. Once in the Arcturian Star lodge we can talk at certain times. I will let you know what to expect before we engage in the different experiences. Times are provided to be in the energy and experience your own feeling and emotions, again, I will let you know what the process will involve.

There will be times with light and times with complete darkness, this is part of the process. This whole experience is designed to assist us along our path of self realization and surround us with healing energy. When we are finished in the Arcturian Star Lodge we will have some light refreshments, water, nuts and fruit to ground us. This is the time for talking and questions.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

Confirm your place by emailing

*Registration must be no later than one week prior to the event.*