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6447 Regional Rd 25, Milton, Ontario  L9T 9G5  Canada

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Energy Workshop

Arcturian Energies, Pendulums,Psychometry,Crystals

Ever wonder what people mean when they say they “Feel the energy”? Jody will discuss various premises, principles and techniques dealing with energy. His hands on approach to instruction will ensure each student comes away with a good sense of “feeling the energy” be it through mind, body and hands, pendulums, or crystals.

Jody has mastered the ability to make this vague subject matter incredibly understandable and usable in your day-to-day Lives.

This three hour class will work to introduce various energy sensing techniques, including hands on exercises to learn how to feel and discern different energy fields. Instruction will be shared in the use of pendulums and how we can use them to gather information from maps, charts and bodywork. We will also explore Psychometry, feeling energies held in objects, Quartz Crystals and an introduction to Arcturian Energy devices. Arcturian transmissions have been a very large part of my life and these experiences are shared with the class.

This class will be held at a date to be determined. The fee for the class is $60. We also have products available for purchase.

For more information my website is To register please email Catherine at Thank you. Jody

Workshops and Events

6447 Regional Rd 25, Milton, Ontario  L9T 9G5  Canada

*See below description of events*

Dowsing workshop Fee $175 plus hst

This course is designed to provide you with a firm foundation in the art of dowsing. Once you develop an understanding of the fundamental techniques of dowsing, the sky is the limit! This workshop, ‘Dowsing, A Life Skill’ Level 1, will be a prerequisite for future dowsing courses. What I will share with you are the methods that work for me, although there are many different methods and approaches to dowsing which is what makes it wonderful. A well-grounded approach to dowsing has proven very effective when it is applied to energy work.

What will you learn? You will be instructed in the use of ‘L ‘Rods and Pendulums. We have a hands-on approach so I will explain then we apply and practice. The students are encouraged to ask question and I limit the class to 6 participants so it is conducive to learning.

Topics: pendulums, L rods, map dowsing, dowsing the body, charts, locating a stream of water, locating energies

The class is 7 hours long with a lunch break. You may bring a lunch or there are restaurants nearby. Because we keep the class small, we require payment no later than one week prior to the date.

This class will be conducted inside and outside no matter the weather so dress appropriately. Group and individual instruction available.

The Cost is $175 plus hst. Paid registration must be received one week before the course date.

Jody Maas, President of the Canadian Society of Dowsers, will be the instructor. All practice tools will be provided.

Confirm your place by emailing